We paid off our mortgage today

Thursday, on my 39th birthday, I gathered my 4 kids and my wife around the computer and with a couple of clicks, we paid off our mortgage.  We are 100% debt free.  At first, I didn’t feel anything and told my kids that this felt sort of anticlimactic.  But then I started looking around the […]

Pension Rollover Pains

The finance industry has never been my favorite.  While they provide a valuable service to other people, it seems like the people that benefit the most are the people who work in the financial industry.  As such, some of the smartest minds in our country go to wall street, not to solve problems that would […]

Pay your mortgage off before your kids are 12

Kids. Freeloaders.  I have 4 of them ages 5 months to 8 years old.  Their skill set is pretty limited.  The older two (8 and 6) can empty the dishwasher.  Sometimes they can even do it without stomping their feet and making grotesque apelike belly grumbles.  They cause our house and our cars to depreciate […]