In the Black… Sort of

I just got my bank statement from Apple this week.  I went back and calculated it out and this year, I have now made $102.32 since my Mortgage App debuted on the iTunes App Store last November.  When you calculate the $99 to get an Apple account, that means that this year, we profited $2.32. […]

Milestones for wealth accumulation by age

If you have any hope to make it on the slow, standard, conservative road to wealth then I’m giving you the recipe for success right here.  The road is long. It will be boring.  Its done by getting a middle class job and and adhering to discipline of money saving.  See where you are on […]

Finance Jerk Market Watch

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the stock market is on a roar lately. The rising tide is lifting most boats. This makes those who have money in the stock market feeling pretty giddy and the more seasoned among us looking at possible retirement dates. If only you were so lucky. The Finance Jerk […]

Buying a 2nd Home

I was thinking about buying a home in Southern California as a vacation or rental home.  This is mostly due to childhood dreams and hubris and feeling like I’m richer than all my friends.  After all, the purpose of adult life is to realize all the dreams you had as a kid.  So I started […]

Refinancing Again?

Like Ben Bernanke I’ve refinanced twice in the last 2 years. Generally, if you plan to stay in your home forever it makes sense to refinance when the rates fall 1% or a ‘point’ below your current rate.  If the interest rate on your mortgage is 4.375% and you can get a better rate for […]