Life after Dave Ramsey

I know many people who are fans of Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps to Financial peace. The steps are: $1,000 to start an Emergency Fund Pay off all debt using the Debt Snowball 3 to 6 months of expenses in savings Invest 15% of household income into Roth IRAs and pre-tax retirement College Funding for the […]

We paid off our mortgage today

Thursday, on my 39th birthday, I gathered my 4 kids and my wife around the computer and with a couple of clicks, we paid off our mortgage.  We are 100% debt free.  At first, I didn’t feel anything and told my kids that this felt sort of anticlimactic.  But then I started looking around the […]

When you see the light

Last week I was on vacation relaxing in a pool in southern California really enjoying my kids.  After eating way too much food and then finally getting them all to bed I thought I’d look at the finances and see where we are.   After looking at income and different financial assets and obligationsI realized […]

Financial update

A few thoughts on finance:   1.  Mortgage We’ve hit some great milestones in paying off our mortgage and we are predicting to pay it off by the end of the year.  However, we are looking at a different approach.  As much as I have loved seeing the balance fall every month by leaps and […]

No Mortgage App update

I finally updated the “Mortgage Payoff” app for iOS7.  Thanks for your patience.  I was hoping to get the iCloud stuff in, but figured just to focus on updates for iOS7 and to fix some bugs.  Its the best version of this app to date.  We don’t track any info, we don’t sell your data, […]

The Joy of The Final Stretch

We have about a year and maybe a few months before we are calculated to pay off our mortgage.  It is pure joy.  Or maybe an obsession?  When you get closer to the end and you don’t have as much interest to pay then you start to see how every payment makes a huge dent […]

Mortgage update: Getting closer to $100k balance

We were fortunate enough to get another bonus at work.  Our mortgage is now down to around $113,100 with two months left to go this year.  Hurray!  It was a huge milestone when we got the mortgage below $200k a while back and this is feeling pretty good.  $100,000 is the next huge benchmark.  I’m […]

Milestones for wealth accumulation by age

If you have any hope to make it on the slow, standard, conservative road to wealth then I’m giving you the recipe for success right here.  The road is long. It will be boring.  Its done by getting a middle class job and and adhering to discipline of money saving.  See where you are on […]

Buying a 2nd Home

I was thinking about buying a home in Southern California as a vacation or rental home.  This is mostly due to childhood dreams and hubris and feeling like I’m richer than all my friends.  After all, the purpose of adult life is to realize all the dreams you had as a kid.  So I started […]

Thoughts on Southern California

I grew up in Southern California.  I’m here on vacation now.  I love it here.  But something seems wrong about it.  Its not like it used to be.  Maybe its me? Like any other native who grew up here I felt a sense of entitlement.  A sense that:  Hey, I grew up here, and hence […]