The Next Level

Last Thursday while driving home I had this thought come into my head that I’m now on the next level.  You know, like if life is a video game and you beat world 2-1 you then go to world 2-2. Well, I’m not sure what world I’m on, nor what the previous level was, but […]

Gifts to spouses

My wife and I don’t buy gifts for each other for birthdays, holidays, or Christmas.  This is something we’ve done ever since the Christmas before we were married.  We don’t have any religious feelings about the subject, we just look at it differently.  After all, why should we be expected to buy things for those […]

Marriage, Divorce and Habits of the Rich

I’ve been watching (well lurking on Facebook really) the status updates of a great guy I used to know as he gets remarried.  Both he and his to-be-bride are coming to their new marriage after being single with kids for some time.  I’m thrilled for them. As I got more nosey, as I tend to […]