Milestones for wealth accumulation by age

If you have any hope to make it on the slow, standard, conservative road to wealth then I’m giving you the recipe for success right here.  The road is long. It will be boring.  Its done by getting a middle class job and and adhering to discipline of money saving.  See where you are on […]

Consistency is the secret to everything you want

I started a work out program this week. Its the same program I’ve started at least 6 times now and have stuck with for maybe a week.  Then I’ll usually tell myself:  I can’t dedicate all this time to it.  Then I’ll move on to something else. I started studying for an industry certification a […]

Simple Rule for Time Management

Here’s the rule:  Produce more than you consume. If you finish work and you come home and watch TV you are consuming. If you finish work and you come home and run 2 miles, you are producing.  You are producing a better you and statistically prolonging your life. If you finish work and come home […]