Your job is to look sexy

You’ll never see it in the job description and it will never be written down on your annual review.  It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what your job is:  But part of your job is to look good, attractive, and downright sexy.  Regardless of your industry.  Even if you are remote and […]

Lending money to your family

Someone in my family accumulated $3,000 in credit card debt over the last year.  She’s 24 and about to get married.  Nice.  She’s bringing $3,000 in credit card debt to that marriage.  Credit card debt that’s punking her out of 13% every month.  Nice.  Its like a reverse dowry.  A yrwod. When I asked her […]

Simple Rule for Time Management

Here’s the rule:  Produce more than you consume. If you finish work and you come home and watch TV you are consuming. If you finish work and you come home and run 2 miles, you are producing.  You are producing a better you and statistically prolonging your life. If you finish work and come home […]

The Finance Jerk Introduction

Dear Internet World, I’m the Finance Jerk.  This blog is about personal finance, managing resources better, and living a better life.  If you read nothing else, the theme of this blog, and the way to accomplish all the things I’ll discuss in most posts is simply this: “Give more than you receive.  Contribute more than […]