Pay off your mortgage if you want to be rich

There is a rite of passage for many people when they first start earning money in a real job.  You know, that first job where you say: “Hmm… I might be doing this for a while and I might enjoy it!”  Hopefully, that statement is coupled with: “Hmm… I’m actually starting to earn enough money […]

Marriage, Divorce and Habits of the Rich

I’ve been watching (well lurking on Facebook really) the status updates of a great guy I used to know as he gets remarried.  Both he and his to-be-bride are coming to their new marriage after being single with kids for some time.  I’m thrilled for them. As I got more nosey, as I tend to […]

“No Mortgage” iPhone App

The Finance Jerk is pleased to announce that “No Mortgage” the iPhone app is now available on the app store.  The app is all about showing you how extra payments on your mortgage add up, save you interest, and get you debt free sooner.  The graphs are pretty rad.  The flexibility of early payments is […]