Milestones for wealth accumulation by age

If you have any hope to make it on the slow, standard, conservative road to wealth then I’m giving you the recipe for success right here.  The road is long. It will be boring.  Its done by getting a middle class job and and adhering to discipline of money saving.  See where you are on […]

Mortgage Payment update

I got a nice commission check from work last week and without hesitation we are putting it all towards paying down the mortgage. We are also revising our deadlines and hoping to be more aggressive and pay off the mortgage in December of 2014. My former coworker paid his off in April and took the […]

Finance Jerk Market Watch

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the stock market is on a roar lately. The rising tide is lifting most boats. This makes those who have money in the stock market feeling pretty giddy and the more seasoned among us looking at possible retirement dates. If only you were so lucky. The Finance Jerk […]