The Skateboard Workout

As mentioned in a previous post, this summer I’ve been reliving my childhood even more by getting back into skateboarding.  My 6 year old has really taken interest in it and with all the free skateparks here in the Portland area, there’s no way I could not be amped about getting back into it. The […]


One of the greatest thing my wife teaches me every day is the value of consistency.  It doesn’t matter the talent you have, what really brings out desired goals and results is consistent practice of the fundamentals.  It can be mind numbing, but the results are amazing. This summer my 2nd child has really gotten […]

Portfolio Update

I sold Fusion I/O.  I just don’t have a good feeling about the company going forward.  A lot of the leadership has left and the stock has totally tanked.  It will be a loss in my account. I’ve been wanting to sell MSFT for a while, but missed the boat on this.  Once the stock […]