Book Review: The Snowball

Last week I finished listening to the audio book of Warren Buffet’s latest biography entitled “The Snowball“.  I absolutely loved this book and will need to buy the hardbound version and put it up next to the Steve Jobs biography.  I was driving home from Seattle during traffic and was in tears as I listened […]

Fall Finance

When you start seeing blogs telling you to transition from a saver to an investor and people telling you how awesome the stock market is this year (17.88%) then you probably want to start getting involved.  You will fear that you are missing out big time. This is the absolutely wrong time to start investing. […]

In the Black… Sort of

I just got my bank statement from Apple this week.  I went back and calculated it out and this year, I have now made $102.32 since my Mortgage App debuted on the iTunes App Store last November.  When you calculate the $99 to get an Apple account, that means that this year, we profited $2.32. […]