2014 Year in Review

Great year!  Much was accomplished.  Let’s go through the great things that happened and discoveries.  I hope it was great for you too!

2014 Awesomeness

1. Mortgage Payoff

Can’t stress enough how cool this is.  We are so fortunate to be able to say that we did it.  The key to it?  Focus.  Seems that if you can really really decide to do something then you will have a much better chance at succeeding.  I’m not sure that you have to obsess over it like I did, but I think it helps.

2.  Shower Thoughts

This was kind of a strange one.  But here goes:  Every winter my legs would get super itchy.  I’d have to apply oil to them and it was just pretty miserable.  I thought a lot of it had to do with how much sugar I eat.  (And I do consume a lot).  Anyway, my skin doctor told me to not take super hot showers.  But how can you not take super hot showers?  Its such a great feeling.  So instead I did this:  I showered every other day.  Instead of daily, or sometimes twice a day, I did it only every other day.  That is unless I exercise and sweat, then I have to shower.  But anyway, it made it so that I don’t have to put any oil on my legs and my skin feels great.  I wonder what other habits I have that are detrimental to my health.

3.  Bitcoin

The value of bitcoin today is $316.  I’m still extremely bullish on it.  I think it will only do better as more turmoil in the world ensues.  I did nothing with my bitcoins this year.  Didn’t sell, didn’t buy.  Just sat.  I plan on buying more in 2015.

4.  Stocks

I’m baffled why stocks are climbing so high right now.  I sold BRK-B, ISRG, and FB this year.  Just got out.  I love BRK-B, and wanted to hold on, but just had to pay off the house and I thought that was a more sound thing to do.  I disagree with Warren Buffett on 2 things:  Bitcoin (see above) and IBM.  But the former doesn’t matter so much now, and the latter is just a blip on the book value of BRK-B.

2015 Predictions

1.  Big time market correction

Interest rates will finally start rising, stocks will pull back, student loan crisis, cyber security problems, you name it.  Anything could happen in 2015.  Why stocks are sitting at the levels they are right now is beyond me.  I’ll wait for this correction and then will gobble up cheap stocks like crazy.

2.  Real Estate will stay the same maybe slight increase

As the economy has been doing well, people will still be cautious but buy homes.  Construction will do great.  Then the correction will happen and real estate will be looked as a haven.

3.  Bitcoin to $600+

We’ve seen it before, this next time it will last.  A major retailer will announce support for Bitcoin.  I sure wish it were Amazon, but doubt it will be them.

2015 Goals

1.  Diet is everything

This will be my new obsession.  I want to get my weight down by 20 lbs.  Everything I eat will be tracked, logged, and accounted for.

2.  Save for a new house

We need to start developing more income streams.  We’ll save for a rental house.  My hope is to buy a $250k house near our current home in 2016.  If we find a great deal in 2015, I want to be ready for it.  We’ll need to save up around $70,000 to hit this right.  I’m not sure we can commit to that, but we’ll still start saving.  Since there’s no mortgage, I’m hoping this happens a lot faster than I think.

3.  More Running and skateboarding

I’m hoping to change my lifestyle to be more active.  I want to be out more doing things.  I think this could be the year of the marathon:  Get it done before I turn 40?  This is the last year that can happen.

4.  New Blogging

I hope to do more blogging as well.  I’m going to spend most of the time blogging about kids, work, and other fun things.


Happy new year everyone!  I hope 2015 is your best year ever!