6 ways to cut your expensive lifestyle to almost $0

Lately I’ve been reading some articles on how to cut down daily expenses and my own take is that they’re simply not aggressive enough.  I’ve given this some serious thought and have come up with a 6 step program that will really help you shed those daily costs.  If you really want to cut down your expenses, here is what you need to do:

1.  Stay at home and turn the computers off

Seriously, just stay at home.  Don’t go anywhere.  Keep all your devices off so you can’t shop online.  Boom, problem taken care of, you will have no expenses other than the typical rent/mortgage utilities bill.  Done.  If people call you, don’t answer. (This will help you later with step 5 below).  Ok, now that you’re at home, you can’t spend any money, so now its time to cut on other expenses.

2.  Shut off your heat

Chances are you have a nice warm blanket in your house that you never use because it’s simply too hot to wrap up in.  Well then, turn off your heat and wrap yourself up in its cozy comfort.  Then you can save all that gas bill.

3.  Shut off electricity

Since you’re not using your devices what do you need electricity for?  People lived 1000’s of years without electricity and debt.  Why not return to live like them?  You’ll end up sleeping earlier and waking up earlier.  That’s the key to fantastic health anyway.  You don’t need lights, you’ll do just fine.

4.  Quit your job

Jobs cost a lot of money:  The commute time, childcare, lunch, coffee breaks, shesh!  The best thing to do is just cut the thing off at the head.  If you want to eliminate all those expenses, just quit your job.  Then you won’t be pressured into going to lunch or coffee with your coworkers.  You won’t have a need to fit in by buying ‘work clothes’ and all that.  Think of the time saved in the commute!  You’re blood pressure will go down and you’ll be happier than you ever have before.

5.  Cut ties with all your acquaintances

Friends really cost a lot of money.  They’ll want to go out with you, or they’ll want you to invite them over for a party.  This can easily add up to lots of money that doesn’t do any of you any good.  After all, you don’t like them anyway and the truth is they really don’t like you.  So if you have no friends, you won’t have to go out or invite people over nor spend money.

6.  Move out of your house and sell all your stuff.

Since you don’t have a job now, you can’t really afford a place to live anymore.  But you have a comfy blanket, so you should be able to stay warm.  Now moving out of your house and on to the street will save you a ton of cash.  In fact, for most people, the cost of mortgage/rent is the biggest monthly expense.  If you move on the street, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.  Sell all your devices and you are set.  Now you can live like men were meant to live:  Free as a hunter gatherer.  You’ll find that your expenses go down to practically $0 and daily activities will include doing what men have been doing for 1000s of years:  Looking for food.


I hope this article has given you hope on how you can save expenses.  There are of course some side effects to extreme cost cutting, but if being debt free is important to you, then no obstacle should get in your way to realizing your dreams.  I wish you all the best of luck and a debt free 2015.