Your job is to look sexy

You’ll never see it in the job description and it will never be written down on your annual review.  It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what your job is:  But part of your job is to look good, attractive, and downright sexy.  Regardless of your industry.  Even if you are remote and nobody every sees you.  You need to look good.

Physical appearances matter.  (duh?) If you’re out of shape, ugly, or have a big huge swath of fat around your midsection or in your behind, people notice, and it will affect all aspects of how you get treated at work.  This includes raises, promotions, or whether or not you are invited to hang out with the cool crowd at the water cooler at work.

Sure, other factors come into play:  You should probably be nice, and it helps to be a rock start at your job, and you may be a cult of personality, but all things being equal:  The pretty person comes out ahead.  Male or female.  This should be nothing new to you.  And just because no one else says it doesn’t mean its not true.  So what I’m telling you is:  In addition to all the high costs associated with not taking care of your body, there is opportunity cost as well.  Its called the sexy opportunity cost and its definition goes something like this:  What are you missing out on by not being attractive?  Probably more than you think.

Being attractive has little to do with what you were born with.  If your nose is too big or your breasts too small, or if your bald, then don’t think that’s not what I’m talking about (mostly, but that does matter too, unfortunately… but not as much!).  What I’m talking about is mostly to do with the maintenance you put on your body.  It’s something that is completely within your power to change. This doesn’t include prosthetic foreheads on your real heads, botox, or facials.  This has mostly to do with being able to walk up a flight of stairs and not be out of breath by the time you reach the top.  This has to do with your ability to get into an airplane and not spill your mass into the personal space of the girl sitting next to you.
A buddy of mine puts it like this:  “If you go to parts of Europe, you first look around and you think:  Wow!  All these people are beautiful!  But then you start to notice that what makes them beautiful is that they’re not fat.  Not being fat is like 90% of the job!”  I noticed this too when I was in Argentina.  The people there were gorgeous.  Again it was the same thing:  Its what they weren’t that made them attractive.   When you walk down a crowded street most people pass you by.  Attractive people stand out.  This is especially true if they are in a crowd of big overweight people.

I was in a meeting last month with people in my industry.  We all got together for some training.  My job is IT, so I work with some pretty shady characters.  You would think in IT that physical appearances doesn’t matter so much.  I completely disagree.  Sure you can dress down more than other industries, but if you look horrible, then people notice and it affects whatever message you are delivering.  Anyway, while I was sitting in this room with at least 200 people, I started thinking to myself:  “These people are very well fed”.  And then when I noticed the presenters:  They were all thin, somewhat good looking, and of course had decent communication skills.  Being thinner gives you more confidence and helps you do your job better.  It doesn’t matter what your job is (even if you’re a chef!) being thinner will help you do it better, people will notice, and better results will follow.  This is the sexy opportunity cost.

There’s this quote that goes like this:
“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Your body will never be perfect, but by taking away the imperfection, or fat, you will get much closer.  If I had my own company I would mandate that everybody during the work day get at least 30 minutes of exercise.  It would be like company recess.  You could go out for a walk, play catch, horseshoes, or do something to get yourself more sexy.

Imagine the confidence of a company where everybody is in shape.  Doesn’t that sound like a company you’d like to do business with?  Part of my job is to be sexy.  Sexy people lead better lives and receive more rewards.  So in addition to saw sharpening you should be doing to maintain good skills at your job, you should factor in that being in shape, or having a trim body will pay off almost as much.  I have no research to draw from because its illegal to discriminate against people based on looks.  But people do it anyway.  You do it anyway.  And that’s the sexy opportunity cost.