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No Mortgage

Update 2/2/2013 – I’ve updated the app to allow more loan terms.  The app only had 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30, & 40.  I added 1-40 for this next update.  I’m also in the process of updating the app for iCloud.  That should be pretty easy.  Thanks for all that have bought.  The app is not making me rich, but its a great experience.  We probably average about 5 downloads a week.  That’s an extra $182 a year to pay down this mortgage!


Update 11/30/2012 – I just submitted version 2 to the app store!  Hopefully it will get reviewed and approved before the holidays.  Version 2 has universal support for the iPad and better usability.  What’s nice about the way the app was developed is that it sets a groundwork for tons of features I can add.  What do you think I should add?  Let me know!

No Mortgage is the anti-mortgage app.  If you have a mortgage and are looking to see how fast you can pay it off then this app is for you.  Most mortgage calculator apps allow you to make extra payments.  The problem is most people make irregular extra payments.  That is, an extra $100 in March, only $50 in April, and maybe $300 extra in May.  No Mortgage allows you to track that and to also see when it will be paid off, and how much interest you save by doing that.

No Mortgage features beautiful graphs and multiple scenario comparison capabilities.  Look out soon for this app to become universal and give you beautiful functionality on the iPad as well.

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